Broccoli City Festival

All spring and summer long, you can expect a plethora of music and food festivals.  Broccoli City Festival was just one of many to kick this season of mass parties off! With artists like Future, Jhene Aiko, and The Internet, a variety of people were bound to come out. Inspired by the many different styles that were worn, this post highlights the fashions I enjoyed seeing on Saturday!

Ann (IG: ann.wynn) was one of the first unique people I spotted.  With her girly feather crop top and Chanel bomber, she dressed it down with some Nike Air Max sneakers. Follow her Instagram to see more of her extravagant taste of style!

Naimah (IG: naimahmusic) and Greg (IG: nicegreg) also stood out in the large crowd BC Fest brought out.  While Naimah gave us designer grunge, Greg was more on the edgy chic side of the fence.  Check out to hear Naimah's hot tunes!

I did not catch this guy's name, but I did catch his Instagram (with0ut_cause) which happens to be an amazing feed. I had to stop him! Not sure if it was his Yeezy boots or his patched out camo jacket. 

It seems that these festivals bring out the best of the best when it comes to fashion. I wonder what the next festival might bring! Until next time folks...